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Characteristics and uses of each system in the electrolytic ultrasonic cleaner

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      As a special ultrasonic cleaning machine, the electrolytic ultrasonic cleaning machine is specially designed for the cleaning of molds. It mainly includes ultrasonic system, electrolysis system, circulating filter system and special environmental protection cleaning liquid It is composed of parts, and each part plays an irreplaceable role in the entire cleaning process.

      In this ultrasonic cleaning machine, the ultrasonic system composed of ultrasonic generator and ultrasonic transducer is the core, which can be converted into a signal of the same frequency as the ultrasonic transducer through internal electronic components output, which provides energy to the transducer.

      When the transducer receives the energy signal, it starts to vibrate at a frequency of more than 20,000 times per second, and at the same time releases energy to the cleaning medium, which will appear as dense and dense in the cleaning medium small air bubbles. When the sound pressure reaches a certain value, the bubbles will increase rapidly and close suddenly, thereby destroying the insoluble dirt and achieving the purpose of cleaning and purification.

      Equally important is the electrolysis system in the washing machine. Since the tooling and the workpiece are both cathodes, the other anode is a height-adjustable movable contact. When the anode and cathode are adjusted to a suitable distance, the impurities in the blind hole of the workpiece can be strongly pulled out and adsorbed to the contacts, and even the mold with complex shape can be completely cleaned.

      The circulating filtration system in the electrolytic ultrasonic cleaning machine is composed of circulating pumps, filters and pipelines. Since the cleaning solution is dirty, it will affect the cleaning effect. With this system, you can Treat the used cleaning solution for reuse.

      The rest is the special cleaning fluid, which is generally configured according to the different impurities and cleaning requirements of the workpiece, and the basic principle is to effectively remove the impurities on the workpiece.

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